Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Allen and Andrew, We're coming!!!

Allen and Andrew, We're Coming!!!!

Jan. 10, 2008
We are getting ready for the trip to Uganda!!! My mind has been overloaded with all the things to get done in preparation for our trip. I am making progress marking off the items in my to do lists. Our flight plans have changed and thankfully, our ticket agent had a feeling about it and didn't issue the tickets right away and so I did not have the extreme fee to change the dates!
So that was a blessing. We still leave on the 22nd of Jan. but arrive back home on Feb. 18.
God blessed us with a place to stay in Uganda at the guest house of World Outreach Ministries.
When we arrive in Kampala on Wednesday we will rest a couple of days and hope to do some sight seeing before our court date on Monday. We will see the children on the weekend. After the court hearing in which we pray the judge is favorable towards us being Allen and Andrew's guardian, we wait for the court to issue the legal decree. At that point, we will do other paperwork allowing the children to enter the U.S. legally. As we wait for the decree to be issued we cannot have custody of the children but will be able to visit with them throughout the day. At some point, we will travel to Rakai for a few days to take the relief and supplies we brought for them.
We will get to meet the children's grandfather and so that will be interesting and a blessing for us.
Last Friday, I talked to K. with Hope for Uganda and found out that I was able to pick my children's birthdays!! What a great and fun surprise! As in most international adoptions no birth certificates are typically available. In A&A's case, they had to guess the ages and so I giggled as I went through the calendar and picked two birthdays in months that we didn't have one!!!(That didn't leave a lot of options) So, Allen's DOB is May 7,2002 and Andrew's is July 20,2000. How did we pick the days? Well, 7 is the number of perfection and well 20 is exactly a month from Graham's birthday in August. (He picked that).
I also found out that the children were Rwandan. Their family at some point migrated to Uganda.
I find it interesting, our girls are from Romania but were Hungarian. Our boys were from Bulgaria but were Turkish/Gypsy. Eli was from China but was Chinese.(LOL Just kidding)
Excitement is in the air along with panic!!! I am going to be gone a month!!!!!
What will the kids do without me????? PARTEEEEEEE!!!! They say!! HA!
That's ok. I can ground then for a year when I get back! HA!
Really, the kids are great and will do well. I have been preparing Eli, it is going to be real hard on him. He is a mama boy.
Well, I better run. More later.

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