Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adoption Update Post #18 11-11-15

Post #18 11-11-15
I wish I could make time stand still. Or had a time machine like Dr. Who. smile emoticonI would then get all my ducks lined up in a row while everyone else is running around and have this home study finished. Better yet, I would just go to the future and have it all done. I just have not had a moment's time to sit down and work on that pile of documents that needs to be completed. Sometimes, I wonder if I am putting it off subconsciously. Why would I do that? Maybe its the boring paperwork that I feel is unnecessary. Maybe it is because I know there is no money to finish paying off the home study agency when it is done. Maybe it is God just keeping me at bay for the perfect timing. I really know this is not like me, I usually am gung ho to get it done. Then again, maybe, I am just tired of these hoops that we have to jump through to add a child to our family.( I won't get on my soapbox about that right now.) Lately, I just feel caught up in a whirlwind that I can't stop. Little by little, I am trying to reign it in but don't seem to be succeeding much. But I am one to keep persevering. I don't quit. I keep my eye on the goal and I will get there. We will bring him home.
Of course our normal is absolutely abnormal! So, that being said, in our normal and in the midst of all of this, it looks like we may be taking in two young men from a disrupted international adoption,  ages 14 and 16. ( Private info about this case is not shared on this public blog)  

Our brains scream out "Don't do it! That this is a disaster waiting to happen!" But our spirits and hearts fight back, calling for hope and true love to battle. We know what we are getting into. We have been on this road before. We know the rough battleground that we are about to set foot on. We have battles scars, wins and failures from doing this before. But in the end, we know that when a seed of love is planted, God gives the increase. He promised. I am reminded of this song by Misty Edwards. God himself knew what he was getting into when he called us and took us in. We could use your prayers for this as well that everything that happens would be in the boys' best interest. 

So I am praying that I can at least make it look like time stood still for a little bit so I can get this paperwork done.

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