Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I DO NOT LIKE IT When My Kids Get S-------

I DO NOT Like it when my kids get S____!
I DO NOT like it when their breathing is heavy 
And their nose is thick! 
I DO NOT like it when they whine and cry! 
I DO NOT like it when they sigh! 
So I grab my essential oils, by name,
I grab my Juice Plus, to play the healthy game!
I win over all and the kids are all smiles,
Goodbye yucky I DO NOT care to see you for a while! 
                                                                                   ~Mommy Melissa

WINTER is making its appearance! Don't forget how using JUICE PLUS and Essential Oils can support your immune system! Two of my kids came home Sunday with sore throats and stuffy noses, Then two more by Monday Morning!
Yes, you know what I was thinking, (excuse my grammer) " Who Got Time for That?" Not US Carters!
I go into PREVENT and STOP that yuckiness in their tracks mode! My kids all got *An EXTRA dose of JUICE PLUS,
*A Protective Blend soft gel ( or beadlets if the child can't swallow a pill)(Essential Oil Capsule)
*a dose of mom's Bomb n Bottle with 14 germ fighting and soothing Pure Grade Essential Oils.
*Oregano and Protective Blend on their feet
* Respiratory Blend on their chest
*A Respiratory Blend Drop
*And Respiratory Blend in the diffuser
Yes, you could say I anointed them with Oil and Fed them great wholefood  fighting nutrients. If I can do 4 kids in less than 10 minutes, Then you can do it too!
Oh, how did they sleep? As good as babies. How did they feel, the next morning!
Why, They were just their bubbly little selves!
Elizabeth was making sure daddy got his Juice Plus

 In the morning, I oiled them up again, giving them the odor of Christmas and Candy canes to wear to school and boosted their immunity with all the phytonutrients of Juice Plus and did it again after school and before bed. We are almost out of the woods! hooray!!! A Tiring , ugly week avoided!

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