Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Friends are Adopting AGAIN!!!!! What You Can do To Help!

An incredible family, Morgan and Chanel, has been found for our 2 sweet girls from Africa that we have been an interim/emotional healing home for these last few months!

 The Best Part is, is that the family is our good friends and they are incredible parents. We couldn't be more excited as we get to remain in their lives! Unfortunately, the cost for the adoption even in the States is $10,000. And most of it is needed next week. Duane and I love this family and their hearts. We know Heaven loves this family too! If you feel like you want to give to this adoption. Here is a link. I will get the money to them.  If my friends would donate $1-$5 each, it will be amazing! Every one that donates $1-$24, will be entered into a drawing to receive a pack of 10 note cards featuring various paintings of mine. There will be 2 drawings for this.  Everyone that donates $25 plus, will be entered into a drawing for a 16x20 giclee signed print of my painting, "INNER STRENGTH". 

Here is a a link to donate: SEND SOME LOVE TO MORGAN AND CHANEL

Here is a little blurb from Morgan and Chanel : 
"Chanel and I are about to go on an adventure that we knew would one day come but did not anticipate so soon. Ever since we heard about failed international adoptions and the massive problem it can become with adoptive parents literally finding strangers on craigs list and handing their adopted child to them with no questions asked we knew it was part of our future. Recently two sisters originally from Ghana have crossed our path and we have fallen in love with them. They need a family to give them the love, hope and future they deserve. We want to be that family!!! We have been approved to make them part of our family and it needs to happen pretty quickly. The process is going to cost about $10,000 with about $7000 of that in about the next week. That is scary but we serve a scary awesome God if any of you would like to sow into this adoption it would be amazing!!! I know we are crazy but hey crazy is the only way I know to live life!!"

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