Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Date Night with My Man!

I admit, after 23 years of marriage, we finally committed 2 years ago to going out on a date night every week. We kinda get stuck though, in a routine. We go out to eat and that is about it. Duane is not a movie goer and well there is really not much else happening during the week in our town. There are some places to go to down at the river but usually they are crowded and we usually need some quiet after a hectic week. We were kinda bored with our dates, So last night after dinner, we decided to break the routine and go to Lowes.  Hey! We kicked it up a notch! as you can tell by the photos.

Yes, I talked my rule abiding husband into "trying out" the backyard swings. 

Then I got a little dangerous in wearing the BIG gardening hat!

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