Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey Everyone!

Since a lot of you have asked about the interview I did with my  hubby (Dr. Duane), on keeping your family healthy naturally, I have the replay, if you missed it.  We thought it went great and had fun doing it. (seriously, take some time to listen in!!):

Duane and Melissa's Interview with Casey

WE LOVE how ESSENTIAL OILS have helped our family with  both Emotional and Physical healing as well as keeping us well preventatively!

And DON'FORGET!!! my friend Casey Eden Sollock ( a certified Holistic Health Coach)  owner of She Shines Wellness is offering an upcoming Essential Oils Mentoring Program that starts the first week of November.  This is 4 weeks of Casey holding your hand, supporting you, as you use your oils in your very own home.  It's a fun and informative 4-week program designed to make you very comfortable becoming the "natural healer" in your home.

Here's information about the Mentoring Program:

4 Week Mentoring Program

Early-bird registration ends tomorrow.  If you register by tomorrow, you will receive a mini set of roller bottles and sprayers.  So fun!

So that you will have some  Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to work with you need to get the Physician's Kit shown above. This is a great starter kit.  It is what we got started with. Each 5ml bottle of CPTG Essential Oil has multiple uses and is what got our family on the road to better health.
Each bottle has 150 drops and 1 drop as you find out goes a long way!

If you are having FOCUS issues (see my blog post here about Mental Wellness - VETIVER, LIME, BERGAMONT, ROMAN CHAMOMILE and FRANKINCENSE (in your kit) are great to combine to help them focus as well as Focus Blend.  BASIL is great for soothing pain in ears. You will want more LEMON because it is a detox oil and is awesome in Water. It is also great for cleaning and so many other uses. CLOVE is becoming my new favorite. 1 drop is so full of anti oxidants that you couldn't eat that much food in one day! Really who can eat 2lbs of carrots,  2 quarts of blueberries, 2 cups of beet juice!)  Email me at if you need other suggestions. 

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