Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Its not funny but it is. If there is lack of drama around here, just wait, there will be some shortly. -- We were all eating dinner tonight and all of a sudden, Vio goes balistic crying and screaming in absolute fear, "I'm dying! I'm Dying! holding her chest! This triggers Isaiah beside her to help his little sister out by grabbing her throat in a choke hold because he thinks she is choking and panics. I jump up from across the big table, grab her up, realize that she is not choking because she is screaming I'm dying! over and over but knowing that something might be lodged in her throat, I slap her vigorously on the back several times while I yell at someone to get her water. I then scoop her up because she can't hear me because she is so stressed and take her to the back of the kitchen where I give her Balance and Wild Orange Essential Oil on her wrists and and hands to breathe in. She calms down as I am hugging her and assuring her she's alive! She finally believes me that she is not dead and we both take deep breaths. I find out that she had gotten a grape seed down her throat the wrong way. Poor baby! She had gotten so upset that her tummy then had nausea and butterflies. I rubbed some Digest Zen on her belly and within a couple of minutes, she gave a humongous burp and she was ready to finish her grapes and jambalaya. I am so glad that I have something on hand that is truly natural and helps my kids both emotionally and physically.

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