Saturday, April 6, 2013


We boarded a bus to southern Thailand with all 16 of us and 40 plus bags! The bus man was not so sure about us and our luggage. We finally did not have to pay any extra money and they got it ALL on there!  Of course, we gathered a crowd because none of the Thai's at the bus stop believed it could be done. Thankfully, this bus was fairly nice with airconditioning and we have a great team with great attitudes!!
Our 10 hour overnight trip turned into 13 hours and at one point in the middle of the night, my bathroom excursion to the back of the bus was a little adventurous as we happened to begin a curvy, bumpy portion of the trip. And I think that is all you want to know. 
Kimberly and Ari


Magan and I are traveling buddies

Annie and Bob getting ready to settle in for a long night ride

Morning has arrived 

Magan always perky with her coffee in a box!

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