Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Track Meets

All the little kids wanted to sign up for Cross Country and though I was skeptical they would stick with it, they did awesome! Andrew ended up doing awesome for the season and  Allenni and Eli kept beating their own personal records! Isaiah well, lets just say he enjoyed it and it got some energy out of him! LOL.
Since it wasn't his day to race, Isaiah enjoyed his P& B sandwich

Andrew's 6th grader's getting ready to run

Allenni and Eli preparing to run

Eli's first race and he has no cares! He is just having a good time chatting with a friend. Of course they started out last!

Eli ended up doing well, despite his chatty start

Isaiah loves his mama, while his mama loves him!

He loves his daddy too!

Andrew got about 100 feet from the finish line and just decided to quit!  Well, this mom and dad wouldn't let him!

He practically died when he GOT PAST THE  FINISH line, more mad at himself for not placing in the first 3 spots.  Isaiah decided to join Andrew in comfort

2 happy runners and 1 mad one!
Andrew's second meet was met with more preparation and he came in 3rd!

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