Saturday, March 3, 2012


February 29th only comes every four years and after 1/2 day of just normal running around, I plopped myself down for a few minutes to take a break.  It was then I realized, "We need to celebrate this day!" 
Now, we love celebrations with food around here and I am TERRIBLE at having meals planned for the week and I cook what I feel like by keeping the basics in my pantry. But if  there is a holiday coming up then I plan ahead and try to have a special meal and decorations. I USED TO BE a very spontaneous person and so can sometimes pull something off quickly if it needs to be done and so was one of those days!  
Google to the rescue!  I googled "FOODS TO EAT ON LEAP YEAR DAY"  Not much was there except a theme,  - A leap Frog Theme.  My wheels started turning!  and I came up with a menu, and had none of it in my pantry! Go figure!  Walmart is about 14 miles from us in the next town over and two of my kids go to school there so I decided to to stop at Walmart before I had to pick them up.   I got to work on my plans for a surprise dinner for the kiddos.   Below is what I came up with! 
The Menu
Frog leg & Cheese stuffed (Chicken) FROG Wraps with Green Enchilada Sauce
Golden Mac and Cheese
 Tortillas Chips and Roasted Green Salsa and Homemade Guacamole
Everything Green Salad
Green Grapes
Leap Frog Brownie Pops
Virgin Blended Margaritas

The table

The center piece

Goofy frogs


I found green flour tortillas  with Chicken fries and cheese. I used leftover gummy bears from valentines cut in half for their lips and bought the eyes. they turned into TOADS because I over cooked them a little.

A close up- the legs are a heart cut out cut in half

We love Brownie and cake pops around here and I had some in the freezer and some chocolate left over from a fundraiser I did for Graham and M&M's from Christmas.
Dip your cake pops in Green tinted white chocolate. use shamrock cookies as lily pads, Fruit rollups as tongues. Put them on a blue pale with flowers to look like water!

Our table decorations- I had some green tablecloths and the kids had some stuffed animal frogs. Our dessert was a center piece as well as some blooms from a tree in our front yard. I bought green plates and napkins.

A close up

I found these marshmallow frogs in the Easter section

Isaiah doing the Leap Year Dance

The Boys, Graham, Ben and Nathaniel enjoying their meal

Edith and Nathaniel

Eli and Allenni

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