Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Should I change the Name of Our blog???

I've been debating for sometime if I should change the name of our blog.  We no longer are 11 people in our family!  Maggie got married and now we have Johnny her husband who is Hispanic - Another nationality in our family!  Who would have thought!!!???  We also had Edith from Uganda come live with us via NC and her adoption will be completed soon.  That makes 10 kids and 1 son in law.  We also seem to always have someone else staying with us who needs to get on their feet.  I used to dream of the day when everyday would be quite and all the kids would be living their own lives, but now,  even though a good quite day is a blessing, I don't seem to see this house emptying out  anytime soon.  The more I think about it, I think I'll keep the name, just because I like it.  We are still one egg short of dozen when it comes to life but I like it that way!  No ordinary for us!  EXTRAordinary will do just fine.

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