Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas!

On the night before Christmas in the Carter House, Everyone was stirring but there was no mouse.  
Party Food, Coffee Punch & Presents were expected with a movie, 
And we thought the night was all pretty groovie. 
But Finally the kids were all snuggled in Bed, 
While Santa and the Elves moved on ahead!
Stuffing stockings & placing presents under the Christmas Tree, 
Santa was amazed at the activity
But it all came together quicker than he thought
Because of what the mom had done bought
So he enjoyed his cookies and drank his milk gone
humming to himself a little song
He slipped upstairs to peek at the kids
 they were snoring away dreaming of Christmas morn
So he left quietly and went to his room 
and snuggled with Mrs. Santa 'Cause morning was coming soon.

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