Sunday, December 25, 2011

More of Christmas 2011

Allenni and Eli got a Blizzard maker- We will be looking forward to that!

Everybody got a Karoke Machine!

Everybody got a Frappcinno Package- Sorry Starbucks but we can make them cheaper at home!

Isaiah is excited

Everybody got two laptops to share!  YES!!!

Isaiah loved his spiderman skateboard

Edith liked her boots

Allenni got her broken Easy Bake oven replaced by the ultimate one

Graham's favorite comedian - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Andrew is happy about his touch screen mp3player

Ben GOT his GPS!!

Asia got money!

Edith loves her eye makeup kit!

Grahams's lion and Boudreau

Edith using her makeup on Allenni

Duane got White strip kit-- Sparkle, Sparkle

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