Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our house: the ADDRESS? YAWL PLACE -- people around here think it is appropriate!
The back Deck! Lots of living out here!
The balcony off of the Master and a bedroom upstairs
My flowers that I so enjoyed this summer and the water trampoline that Graham broke is arm on
The living room
The kitchen
The Master jacuzzi. the view is awesome though the jets do not work
the Master
the view from the balcony and deck

You cant see them well, but the hummingbirds love our feeders. There are two here. I am loving the humming birds. I had no idea they chirped. We have spotted about 4 species.

We moved here to CA back in June and after looking to find a rental house for 6 months, we found one to rent in a gated neighborhood called Lake California. The house itself is wonderful and though we had our concerns that it might be too small for our large group, it was really the largest house we could find in the area. Though that has proved to be true, we have all been learning to accommodate each other and learning how to get along plus learning to live with less. It can get pretty crazy sometimes as we are living in 1/3 of the space we had before.
Thankfully there are 80% sunny days here and they stayed outside most of the summer. It seemed though there were always more kids at our house hanging out than I actually had. Almost daily there were at least 12-15 kids around. The kids had a great summer hanging out at the neighborhood pool and swimming, fishing and playing in the lake. It was a joy to see them enjoying life so much. I don't think Eli wore a shirt all summer! He pretty much wore swimming trunks. Allenni pretty much wore her bathing suit. When I asked them once, 'Why do you two always just wear your bathing suits?" They replied, "Because we have to be ready to swim anytime we want!"
Good enough reason for me!
Being directly on the water has been restful for Duane and I. Our bedroom has lots of windows and an awesome view of the lake and Mt. Lassen.
Hummingbirds, otters, Egrets and even the fish hang out around our house. It is pretty cool.

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