Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Trip to CA, Early Feb.

Isaiah loved watching the planes
In Sacramento Airport! Notice all the luggage stacked up behind us! It was the columns in the airport! It was breathtaking in a startling kind of way when you first walk in. I thought it was very creative.
We had the drawing for the watercolor "Defender Among Them" while in CA. Isaiah was drawing names
Ben was so excited to attend Bethel!
We were excited to find that Georgi Banoff was speaking. He is a Bulgarian and ministers to the forgotten gypsies of Bulgaria. Ben Got to meet him and it was a highlight of his week.
Duane signing the agreement to join Lassen Medical Group!!!!
We drove up to Mt. Lassen and this was a point to stop at
Ben and Isaiah
Ben is a great Big brother
Getting snow to make some snowballs. I think mommy got those thrown at her!
My man and me
When we got to the Lassen Park, there were people sledding and having a good time. The guys are standing on 0ver 7 ft snow. See the handicap sign? Just 45 minutes back at where we were staying it was 70 degrees. up here it was a little cooler.

Duane and I went to CA in February along with Ben and Isaiah to interview at a medical practice and to look at houses. They liked Duane enough to offer him a job and we liked them enough to accept. The area we will be living in is just gorgeous! Mountains everywhere. It really is unlike anywhere we have ever lived.
At this time we have decided to put our house here in AL up on as a vacation rental. Our area is known for lots of attractions, the TN River, Lakes, Festivals, and tournaments. So we think we will have no problem renting it. So... if you are coming this way and need a place to stay...

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