Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ben Got his First Job

Benjamin got his first job!
We were so excited that we brought out the sparkling grape juice(which I found in the cabinet while I was cleaning out!) God always provides! He is so proud and I am so proud of him! His life is an amazing accomplishment of God. He got hired as a cashier at Foodland Grocery Store. Did I say I was proud of him?
Ben has been a great helper for me and since he got his license, has been wonderful to take a load off of me and run some of my errands for me. he has also been a great help to run the other older kids around to get job applications in.
Spring is here and we are all loving being outside more. Allenni and Eli are losing teeth like crazy and the tooth fairy keeps forgetting to come! I don't know what is up with her!

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