Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey Everyone, It has been a LONG time since I have blogged. I am not sure if I'll ever catch up. I am working towards it though.
I did want to post this review of a book my friend Tom Davis has written. It is a book called "Priceless" Read my review and then go to and buy yourself a copy. If we all band together and take action, we will be life changers. Melissa
Tom's first book Scared was good, but his second book Priceless is incredible! Though it is a novel in format the truths he brings forth are so revealing and heart wrenching. You can't read this book and remain unmoved. At times I had to put down the book and let what I had just read sink in. Other times, I had to read out loud to my husband passages that moved me to tears, only to see him moved to tears. Many times, I ended up in sobs, crying for the girls in the story, crying for my girls, whom I adopted as teens from Eastern Europe. This could have been their story. Tom's writings were so descriptive that I felt like I just jumped into the book and was involved myself. I felt as if I were in those scenes with the characters. I think every emotion I own rose up within me as I read this book. I cried with them, felt their pain and spewed angrily at the thugs. I cheered the girls on and rejoiced when they were found or rescued. I gasped, I prayed, I held my breath.
The beauty of redemption, love and sacrifice are wonderfully portrayed in this book.
I think Everyone needs to read this book. I've heard comments,when I've tried to tell other, about the book, I just can't read a book like that. I think everyone HAS to read a book like this. We can no longer ignore evil and let our children die. The Church has to step in and save them.

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