Monday, February 15, 2010

Scott has a Birthday - July 26

Around July 26, Scott had a birthday and so I helped Brenda who became very sick, throw him a reception. We had decided to have an open house which the Africans were very unsure of. When we explained that you only had to drop by and give your greetings and birthday blessings to Pastor Scott and not stay for hours, many of them laughed with relief and liked the idea very much.
The teens helped me make a spice cake and I decorated it. The humidity was so high that it practically had beads of sugar sweat on it.

Scott by the Birthday table Fresh pineapple chunks, groundnuts, Cheese pinwheels and punch
Allenni with her friend Uluahni
Staff members coming to visit
Rozena wishing Scott a happy birthday
Some girls that were on a mission trip visiting Uganda
Scott and Pastor Robert, I think
Pastor Andrew and his wife, visiting

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