Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun for the Teens. July 16

Between the two missionary families and Maggie, there were a few teens. They decided that since it was Katie's last night,(Katie had been in Uganda for 3 months, helping out the Volz family.) they would make a bonfire and roast some sausages and meat.
We all gathered together and prayed over Katie as she was to leave out the next morning.

Bri and Matt finding wood to make the bonfire
Allenni, Andrew and Nathaniel jumping on the trampoline, thinking they were going to get to stay up for the bonfire
Everyone gathered around Katie to pray for her
David and Matt having a good time
Mesmerized by the fire
Gabe chopping more wood
Maggie and Brie became great friends
David and Matt being men of the fire

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