Saturday, February 13, 2010

Continuing the Story form Africa- July 6, 2009

David V. and Isaiah's best friend, Bethany.

I know a lot of you have probably given up on me on finishing our trip from Africa. I have wanted to but life has been so busy that I rarely have had time to sit down and write. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to get this story finished. Our trip to Africa was definitely an experience and a story that God was involved in to show His faithfulness. I can't believe it has been 6 months since we have been home. Wow!
So, back to the African adventures:

The mission team that had been in Uganda with us for a couple of weeks returned home to California. A few from another team remained for several more days and so we decided to go to Lake Victoria to eat Tilapia. This is one of my favorite things to do. You order your whole fried Tilapia and plantain chips and dig in with your hands. It is sooooo good. The atmosphere is great as you eat out by Lake Victoria.

Allenni and Andrew took Isaiah for a walk. Andrew hiked his pants up quite high!
Isaiah was handed a fish and went to town
He totally enjoyed his fish and everyone elses

Playing with the tail
Roger just thought Isaiah was a hoot. David has an interesting pose
Katie thought she'd kiss the fish
Allenni was enjoying her fish
Maggie was not eating fish but was having a good time
Maureen was amazed at how much fish Allenni and Andrew were eating. Everyone was passing their unfinished plates down to them

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