Thursday, January 21, 2010


I want to put up a link where you can find more info about help in Haiti. Wouldn't be awesome if the body of Christ would step in like they never have before and help. Orphans are being brought to the States by plane loads! The Orphans are being brought to us! Pray if your family needs to adopt or help someone financially to adopt or if you need to sponsor a child or send money to orphanages.
With my husband being a Pediatrician, we are very aware of the medical needs and what happens in a 3rd world country if a disaster strikes an already needy country. Click here to link to an organization that is responding to the medical needs there.
No matter what your financial situation, you can help. Every penny will help someone to possibly live and be saved. You can also remember to lift medical teams and relief workers up in prayer that they would have the supernatural strength and stamina to do the work needed.
Blessings, Melissa

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