Sunday, December 27, 2009

July 4 th and 5th in Uganda

I posted this short note to the blog sometime around July 4th:

"I have been in
Masaka for two weeks so have not had good Internet access, thus the lack of posting here on the blog. I will post more later as I am very sick and can't write much now. Happy 4th everyone."

During this time in Masaka, I had developed a cough and congestion. I had been battling sinus infections for weeks and it was a little bit colder up there as well as a lot of smoke from burning trash and my cough and chest congestion just worsened, especially at night. Rozena got me some cough medicine and antibiotics and Shelly had me take Silver Solution up my nose( Thanks Shelly ! You're the best!) which really helped during the day but I just couldn't get it to lessen. It only seemed to get worse. The intense coughing caused problems with my bladder from the hysterectomy I had a few years ago and so at times I was a little miserable and inconvenienced. We went back to Seguku and the next day was July 4th!
Esther fixed homemade hamburger buns and the mission team had brought American hot dog wieners and we couldn't wait to bite into those! Shelly made red white and blue cookies and we had baked beans and all the fixin's. My friends, Hedda & Jason and Tanya and her aunt who were in Uganda adopting came over as well as most of the missionaries and and the mission team so we had a huge crowd. It was really fun and after the meal the mission team had worship and Pastor Bruce gave a short message of encouragement and then the team members ministered individually in prayer to the missionaries and to us ! It was great and refreshing. It was the first time I had seen a team minister one on one to missionaries.
Instead of just being focused on what the missionaries helped them accomplish so their 10 days in Africa would be a success, they opened their eyes and saw the burden of poverty, the burden of sickness, the financial burden and the burden of loneliness that the missionaries here carry on a daily basis. They empty out themselves and no one sees. But this team did. They saw what the missionaries sacrificed and they did something about it. They gave of themselves in prayer and prayed personally, laying hands on them to ask the Holy Spirit to refill them and refresh them, to renew them. Asking him to pour into their hearts more of himself.
Some may say, "No big deal, " But to them on the field, it is a BIG deal. It means a lot for someone to notice and to kneel in front of you and pray from the heart and soul for you and to speak encouragement from God over you. So Epic church of California, I applaud you for this. For being aware, for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Homemade hot dog and hamburger buns and American hot dogs
Amanda, Tim, and Pastor Robert's and Sissy's kids
Jason and Hedda were glad for some American food, a change from the African food they had been eating while in Africa. Right Hedda???
Tanya and her Aunt Martha
Pastor Bruce speaking out on the Veranda
Isaiah with his little American Shirt on that I was saving to come home in but it was a good one for 4th July
I am a mess
Brain and Shelly, who are missionaries in Uganda

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