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Waiting some more - June 19, 2009 Catchup from Africa

June 19, 2009
I am going to try to do some catchup on my writing while I am here in Colorado. I know many of you have been patient as to hear the continuation of our drama while in Africa.
the last posts that I left you with were about Our trip to the Embassy and getting the medicals there so Isaiah's passport could be processed (you can click here to go back and refresh yourself on that posts) and my trip to Raji island on June 18. (Click here for that post.)

I'm praying God will help me to remember all the details because seriously I have not had much time to write since then.

With Isaiah’s medicals done and everything dropped off at the Embassy for him, it was now just a matter of time to wait for the few days of processing his passport and waiting to hear that the I-600 renewal for the other two kids was completed and forwarded to Kampala. We are hoping that it will be completed next week. We are also still waiting for Allenni and Andrew’s passports to be issued. That is still up in the air when it will happen. We were told that the Ugandan Immigration board would be meeting and deciding whether or not to allow the kids passports to be issued. So now there is nothing to do but wait.

Ahhhh! My favorite word! WAIT. It sounds simple but it is one of the hardest things to do. We have been here now for one month and at this point I have already changed my plane tickets to have left today but a few days ago I just completely canceled my tickets to save us money and decided that when we had the passports and the renewal, there would be a plane ride for us home. I had determined that before I left that I would not stay longer than a month. Ha! God usually has other plans for us doesn’t he? I guess I knew deep down in my heart I would stay until I succeeded. I just hadn’t shared this with Duane. With the hope that we were getting passports of Allenni and Andrew around the corner, I just couldn’t see how I could leave the kids another time. Having gotten Isaiah’s passport and processing his visa, hope stuck its head up and I was certain that God was going to deliver. I couldn’t stop now when maybe, just possibly there was a miracle around the corner. I surely didn’t want to miss it.

Here is part of an email that I sent to Duane around this time.

“Hey Duane,

I sent sharon (our travel agency) an email and here is what we are doing. Since we are in limbo, we are not booking anymore tickets until we have final approval and are confident of the date to come home.

It is just costing us too much money.

I know you are probably disappointed that I am not coming home. But I can not leave these kids here again. It would hurt them too much.

I am confident God is working. he has moved these last two days and I am sure I am coming home. -- at a later date.

I am really thinking it won't be more than 1-2 weeks longer.

Internet has been not working for two days. There is a team here and too much usage.

Just wanted you to know I love you and have had waves of really missing you today. Keep your head up. It will be over before we know it. Praise Him in the storms! I love you.


Since we are doing nothing but waiting, I decided to go to Masaka with Scott and Brenda and Brian and Shelly and the mission team that is here. We will be gone for almost 2 weeks. If anything does happen with our renewal and passports, I will come back early to work on the final stages of that. I contacted the embassy and told them I would be out of town and asked if it would it be ok to pick up isaiah’s passport when I returned. They said no problem. Another issue which shouldn’t be a problem is that this past Friday was Mr. Flook’s last day as the Consulate and a new Consulate was coming in. I am not seeing a problem as far as the new consulate not knowing what is going on. Mr. Flook has assured me that he has filled in the new Consulate with the details.

So I have to pack us all up to head out tomorrow morning for Masaka. I will get a chance to get involved in ministry with the team as well help cook for them. I am looking forward to it.


Aly said...

So.... this might be a dumb question, but do you have your kids from Uganda now? I noticed this post was written in June, but have you returned home now (Nov. 2009)? I may not want to know this answer since I, too, am adopting from Uganda currently, but how long has the process taken you from Agency application to travel back home...?

Your life seems quite adventurous! but I would love to hear about your adoption adventures. I am SO nervous that we will never bring our son home from Uganda.
Thank you!

Am said...

We are moving to Alabama..and know nothing about it. We have been interested in adoption for several years. We'll be in Mobile. Is it close?


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