Friday, October 30, 2009

Grasshoppers!!! YUM!!!

Now one of the great things I discovered about the cooler weather in Masaka is that Grasshoppers were abundant. They were everywhere. Much to the delight of Andrew. So Andrew proved his hunting skills and caught many grasshoppers which ended up in MY room in a kleneex box wrapped in toilet paper. Did any of them escape? Why of course they did.
Andrew had a plan for the grasshoppers. They were not his new play things but he was planning on us EATING THEM! Yes, you read that right.
So one night after dinner, he prepared them by tearing off their heads, legs, antennas, and wings and washed them in water. Esther, my wonderful friend, who was also our cook seemed as excited as Andrew. She got out the butter, onions and garlic and fried those poor little fellas up. Did I try one? OF COURSE I DID!
Why not? I've tried various things in China and couldn't leave Africa without trying Grasshoppers! Much to my surprise, they were quiet good. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside! Taste like Chicken! Just kidding! I could only eat about 5 or six before my mouth said that is enough. Andrew and Allenni were so proud of their mama! I was proud of Maggie, who at least put one in her mouth.

Andrew's gear- A water bottle and a bamboo stickto hold them and brush them out of the grass

They don't know they are after dinner snack

Esther cooking them up

Katy and Sarah deciding whether they want to try

Esther gets the first one

Ok, I am going to eat this.-- Lots of people have done it before me!
Hmmmmm! Interesting texture

Yum! Third one down!
Maggie and Brie make drama out of eating them. I'm not sure if Maggie actually swallowed hers
Katy showing her grasshopper off

How many more can we have, Mum?

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Laura said...

yall are insane. which is good when you're adopting. ;o) fun pics.


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