Tuesday, July 7, 2009

News from Uganda July 7

Standing on the equator
Maggie with Bethany and Isaiah- These two are always in competion like 2 year olds should be.
Maggie, Allenni and Me in the village waiting for a Ugandan meal.

Well, as I posted previously, I was in Masaka for several days and was told that the kids passports had been printed. Thank You God! Our mountain had been crushed. We rejoiced and the kids are so excited. What a long journey this has been. As we wait for Our I-600a to be renewed, I am thankful that our Senator, Jeff Sessions stepped in to intervene.
Our joy was short lived as the enemy tried to throw another roadblock.
Monday, back in Kampala, we expected to pick up the passports from our attorney and were told that he wouldn't release them to us unless we paid a large amount of money. We did not have that much money.
I did all I could to hold back the tears but they still streamed down my face.
"How could he do that?" It was not right and totally wrong!!!!!"
missionaries and I along with J. sat and discussed what we could do?
Really, there was nothing, except
negotiate and intervene in prayer.
S. decided he would have a talk and let me know.
I retreated to my room as I had been in bed for 3 days with bronchitis and sinus infection and prayed and cried out to God to bring Justice. I was too weak physically and spiritually to fight. I called my dad and had a good cry. He and mom prayed over me. I posted on Facebook for people to pray. I was thankful for the prayer support and encouragement.
After that I released it into My Father's hands, knowing He was bigger than any lawyer who was greedy or wrong. He would fight for us. No one can be against us if He is our God.
A peace came over me that I knew was His love engulfing me and I totally rested in His promises. We would be victorious.
I did not hear anything from the missionary the rest of the day, so that probably meant that he did not get hold of the attorney.
Today, late in the morning, my phone rang and it was J. telling me that he had my passports in hand and was bringing them to me. The attorney had changed his mind and had released the passports! Hallelujah!!! He wasn't going to hold them until we payed him.
The missionary is meeting with him on Thursday to talk more.
This was awesome news to hear and I am very thankful for S. who spoke with him on my behalf and for all of you who lifted us up in prayer.
My God is an awesome God and I am so thankful for His strength he gives when I am weak, for His healing he gives when I am sick and for His Justice he issues when needed.
He has taught me a lot about reliance on Him and practicing his prescence at all times.
This journey is almost over and I so look forward to being back at home with ALL of my family under one roof!
The last I heard on our I-600a paperwork was that we were geting the renewal and our Senator's office was ready and waiting to get expediting done once the documents reached ATL. As of yesterday, the documents were still in AL.
I can't file for the kids' visa's until this approval is finalized.
We wait to hear.
Please continue to pray for me to gain my strength for the things that need to be done in the days ahead. I am thankful that Maggie is with me on this trip. She has been a great help.
I am so behind on my journaling and with this sickness, I have had no energy to journal but hopefully I can get to it soon. I promise I won't leave you all hanging int he middle of a story!


Michelle Riggs said...

Praise God! praying you have you visa soon!

Paul and Angela said...

God is so good. He can move your mountains. I admire all your strength. And I don't know why the world makes it so hard for peoople to love these kids. Your kids are just adorable. We have one bio child and one adopted. They are 20 months and 18 months old. We are just starting to think of the next one and I would love to adopt again, but it is so expensive. I wish it was easier. Keep up your fight!

Jeanne said...

I'm so glad that you have those passports in your hand. I'll be praying for your speedy return home AND with your precious kiddos this time!

MamaMiaMelissa said...

I pray it goes quickly!!! So glad you didn't have to wait on the passports!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying you're going through the A-L line at the Alabama level.


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