Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life in Africa- June4

June 4, 2009
Since May 26 we have really done nothing but wait around. We have had some fun days with the missionaries here but the only thing to do now is wait for the other passports to be completed.
Several nights ago, John delivered Isaiah’s passport into my hands!! I felt like I was holding a treasure that I had been searching and searching for and finally had attained. It was more precious than Gold. It gives my baby a ticket to a new life. God is good and faithful. We came in Faith not knowing we would get the passport but have seen God work in so many ways. Are these coincidences? I know they are not. All of the plans we had, just got put aside as we watched God put into play his plans.
Now as we wait for the other passports to be completed, it sort of feels awkward for lack of a better term. I am a doer and when I am not doing something, I feel nothing is getting done. I am having to learn that God is the doer and not me. It is hard!!!!!!! Ugh!! He teaches me daily to wait upon Him. I have no doubt that this all will be accomplished this week, I know Daddy God is going to take care of it all. I can feel it in the deepest parts of me.
We have already paid the fees for the other passports and are waiting on a letter from the board. What board and which department? I have no clue. They just keep saying the board. They say we will have the passports by June 12 which is a Friday and then I hope to make the appointment at the US Embassy for the visas on Monday the 15th and then fly out on the 18th to arrive in the states on the 19th which is the expiration of the papers to immigrate the kids! Talk about cutting it close! Sometimes I wonder why God works things out at the last minute but then I probably already know the answer. He knows I like Drama! Seriously, I believe that He teaches me to Trust and have Faith no matter what it looks like here on this earth. He teaches me to walk with spiritual eyes and not my earthly ones. Boy is it hard! But really not so hard when I keep my focus on Him.
Since our trip to here was SOOOOOOOO LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG! And I just couldn’t bear the thought of getting on that plane again for that long a period of time, I got to thinking, Hmmm!
3 kids who have never traveled,
one plane trip that is 4 hours,
one plane trip that is 16 hours in the dark,
layover that is 10 hours in an airport built with no children in mind,
another flight that is 2 more hours.
= Not a good combination for me to arrive in the USA as a sane woman.
So I had a great idea, actually my friend Hedda had the idea, try to get another flight out.
So I emailed my travel agent and YES!!!!!!!! We could do that. We would get our half trip refunded minus some fees and then she could book all of us together on the same flight. Cost? Pretty reasonable for my sanity. I went online and searched some flights and emailed them to her to see if she could get the discounts. I was trying to keep the kids one ways under $1000
The first flight we tried was from Dubai to NY
Knocked that one out after I found out that it was a 7 hour flight to Dubai and a 16 hour flight to NY—uhhhh no!
Then I found the perfect flight!
Here to Brussels- 8 hours- 5 hour layover, another flight 7 hours!!!!! The only drawback was that we had to fly into Nashville instead of Huntsville – adding an hour drive home.
Price – Excellent
So we booked that and have to confirm and pay today.
We are trusting that all this will fall into place. It looks like our renewal of our I-600a is not going to be completed before the 19th, so that means we have to arrive in the States on or before June 19 at midnight.

Allenni and Andrew moved in with us last night. They seemed to be real happy about it. Maggie and I had been staying in a room that used to be a garage, so we had no room for them as it was very tiny. But this week we moved up to the Missionaries’ house and so we had room for them to stay. They will attend school today and tomorrow and then we
are pulling them out to avoid school fees. They are thrilled about that though they seem to love school. I can’t believe how well they are doing. Both can read whereas they couldn’t when I left last year. Allenni still has Asthma and so I have begun to give her medicine as she is constantly wheezing. I think her breathing will greatly improve when we bring her home. I have trouble breathing here myself. Between the fuel fumes, the humidity, the burning trash and other smells, I don’t know how she does it.
Both her and Andrew have colds and I think I have picked up on it as I woke up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose. Hello Dayquil.
We haven’t really taken that many pictures while here. I don’t know if it is because the scenery is just becoming too familiar or what. I have totally forgotten to have the camera handy everywhere plus we haven’t really gone anywhere to take pics of.
We will be going this Sunday- Thursday to Jinja with two missionary families for a mini vacation. That will be fun. By the time we get back, the next day our passports should be ready and then starts the race to get home! Whoooo Hoooo!
I am ready to be back home already. Though I have come to love this place, I am not called here. I had questioned whether or not I was in previous trips but now I know that God has purpose for me elsewhere in this time of my life. I know Duane is glad about that. Because he would have had to come with me! (hehehe!) I think though God wants me to be an advocate from the States in some form or another for the children here in Africa.
Speaking of that, I just finished reading Tom Davis’ book “SCARED” and it is an incredible book. I recommend everyone read it. (I say that about all his books don’t I?)
It gives a perfect story about the plight of the people and children of Africa suffering through severe poverty, drought, crime and AIDS. The book is a wake up call to the church. The book though fiction depicts the daily reality of a large population here.
So… kudos to Tom for his excellent novel. (Buy it on
What is interesting about the book is that the theme goes right along with the painting I just finished, that I named “INNER STRENGTH” . The description I wrote about the painting as I was painting it was weaved through Tom’s book! The two kids in the book, Adanna and Precious could be the kids in my painting. I find it incredible how God works to relay the same message to his church through various means.
I know this post is getting long so I will cut it off here until another day. Maggie is giving me writing time and peace and quiet by watching Isaiah. I am thankful for her help. Being a single mom of 4 is wearing me out in this heat! Do you realize how long it has been since I have had a toddler? BTW, Isaiah has a bad habit. He goes around saying in Luganda, “I am going to beat you! “, when he doesn’t like something you tell him. And like any young one can throw a temper tantrum with style. We are having fun!


Jeanne said...

Praying for you on all accounts!

**** And here is a funny thing - the word verification that I have right now says "restu". I think God wants you to get some rest! Or maybe he is talking to me? I'll go lay back down just to be on the safe side :)

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

That is a crazy deadline, but maybe you need the rest...and to give it to God, but it would drive me nuts too!!!! Still praying for all those deadlines, and for paperwork to go quickly, and for you to be home so your whole family will be together soon!!! Praise God!!!!


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