Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 11-13. Thursday-Saturday

The boat getting ready to take people out on Lake Victoria
Isaiah all wide awake in his PJ's
Coconuts in the morning light

June 11-13, Thursday – Saturday
Today, Isaiah and I got up pretty early, at sunrise that is, and so we went and took a walk. When the kids got up they were hoping to go swimming before we left today after lunch.
On our way to breakfast, we examined the pool and the kiddie pool definitely was not an option. The rest of the pool was real cloudy but did not smell. They said they had put chemicals in it. The kids were dying to go but I wasn’t so sure. A little later I went and checked to see if Brenda was letting her kids swim. She was but only in one section and so I let Allenni and Andrew get their swimsuits on to swim. I had already given Isaiah a bath and really did not want him to swim but it was much more than he could stand and more than I could bear on his little tantrum. So, I took his shirt off and put him in the pool with his diaper on. BAD IDEA! His diaper swelled so much it was unbelievable! Between his diaper and his swimmies, he was going to stay afloat. It was quiet ridiculous so I just whipped his diaper off and he went skinny dipping while Maggie ran to get his swimmie diaper that I had thrown into the garbage thinking we wouldn’t need it anymore. That on, he enjoyed swimming again and cried when we had to get out.
On our way out of Jinja, we stopped to pick up the painting. And it turned out to be awesome! The artist did an incredible job! I can’t wait til you all see it!
I’ll be sure and post a picture. Our trip home was uneventful and we arrived home to eat a wonderfully cooked Ugandan meal of Matoke, Chicken Stew, Fresh Peas, Chapatti’s and Curried Cabbage.
One of the missionaries was leaving to go home for a short furlough so we had a bunch of people here.
Sunrise over Lake Victoria
Palm Tree Berries
Fishing Boats
Hibicus in the morning light

Today we had hoped to hear about the passports and L. called Scott and told him he would call by 3pm.
3pm came and went and later Scott called him. The passports did not get issued but Monday morning are going to be presented to a chairman of the Immigration Board and so hopefully we will have them by Monday. Our Embassy appointment for the visas is Monday at 2pm. I have Isaiah’s passport and so will even go ahead and start his process for the visa. Even if I get the passports by Tuesday, we can still get the visas as we don’t leave out til Thursday night.
After talking with Mr. Flook at the Embassy and since he knows our case from last year, we sort of have a head start on the orphan investigation side of all this.
So Friday was pretty much a hang out day with nothing much going on.

Today was a little busy day as at lunch we were having the jaja and Allenni and Andrew’s friends from the trauma house over. Again, three of the Bible school girls fixed the menu that we had on Thursday and I made a Butter Cake and Devil’s Food Cake. A lot of them don’t like chocolate here so the chocolate cake was for the Muzugus! One of the girls asked what kind of cake it was and having to tell her it was Devil”s Food Cake, sort of confused her. “Devil?” “yes” it is called that but is not really.” I just ended up explaining it was a really good chocolate cake. I don’t think she ate any of it.
The kids loved the meal and put away the food. They loved jumping on the trampoline as well. They were thrilled to death and couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces.
They stayed til late afternoon and Isaiah and I took a nap. That pretty much sums up our day today.

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