Friday, June 12, 2009

June 10 , 2009 Last day in Jinja

Isaiah did not want to take a nap when the pool was nearby.
The kids
This little girl wanted me to take her picture but wouldn't tell me her name
Allenni and Mommy
Me and the kids
Looking over Lake Victoria
Alleni and Andrew
Papaya Tree
Maggie just getting out of the pool

June 10, 2009
Our last full day here in Jinja was fun filled and relaxing again. We swam at the pool after breakfast and had just taken a brake for a picnic lunch when two buses pulled up with over 100 kids to go swimming! It got so rambuncous that we had to move our picnic to another area of the garden. There were kids everywhere! Naked ones, underwear clad ones, ones with swimsuits, ones with ballet outfits, anything that served as a swimsuit or not. Well within 10 minutes that pool water was a mucky yellow, then a brown color. Probably because the kids only have a bath once a week and this pool gave them a good cleaning. Maggie took some pics. The kids were having a blast. We found out that a school brings their kids on Wednesdays to swim. After lunch allenni and Andrew were dying to go back and swim with those kids so I let them, telling them not leave the area and not to get herded on the buses to go back to that school.
Maggie went and checked on them for me and she came back with them because Brenda had come up to the pool and found that some kids had pooped in the pool among other things. The kiddie pool was VERY BAD. The kids reeked of a bad smell and Allenni kept insisting it was Isaiah’s diaper. IT was not and I immediately made them take showers and lather up real well and wash their bathing suits out. Brenda had the pool people clean out the pool but they couldn’t put chemicals in til tonight. So we didn’t go swimming anymore today.
Isaiah and I took a little nap again today. (I am beginning to like these)
I also called Mr. Flook at the US Embassy and made my appointment for the visas for Monday even though I don’t have the other two’s passports yet. We are expecting them on Friday with a lot of Faith.
We did go back to the Pizza place tonight to celebrate Gabe’s birthday as he turned 15 and I got the whole fried Tilapia which was pretty good.
On our way, through Jinja to go to eat. We happened upon an accident. A boda boda was pretty smashed up and a woman lay in the middle of the road with her baskets and stuff spread out. The Boda Boda driver was nowhere to be seen. Evidently it had just happened, because a crowd had not gathered. We did not stop because of major complications it can cause a muzugu person to help. But Brenda and I prayed as we passed for the hurt ones. When we got to the restaurant, Brenda and I explained to Maggie that if we had stopped to help, what could have possibly happened was that we could have been blamed for the accident because then the woman’s medical bills and other things would be covered because we would have been seen as having plenty of money. It was really hard not to stop. Now if we had been part of the accident, we would have stopped, picked up the injured person and carried them to a hospital. From past experiences, they have had to do it this way to keep innocent people being taken to jail.

We went to 4 little stores to try to find something similar to marshmallows so we could make smores by the campfire tonight as I had Hershy Bars and we had some Digestive Biscuits (yes that is what they are called), but we were unsuccessful and so the smores did not happen.
I was able to get internet for about 5 minutes off another person’s broadcast and send Duane an email to go ahead and purchase our tickets for us as I won’t be able to til late Thursday. I hope he gets my message.
Oh, The moon once again is incredible and the stars even more so! There are so many and you can even see milky ways and layers of stars. It is breathtaking. Tonight coming back in to the hotel, you could smell gardenias in the air. Well, I better head to bed. The kids finally fell asleep, so I must go. God is awesome! Looking forward to see what he is doing.

A mass of kids having a blast!

This is only when half the kids were there. the other half had not arrived!

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