Friday, June 12, 2009

Monday in Jinja- June 8

Andrew pouting because I made him sit out of the pool
Andrew all decked out for swimming
Allenni and Andrew and Me having fun
The gorgeous moon on Lake Victoria

Maggie being cheated on in a card game! ha!
One of the "flower" pictures by Allenni
Another- hmmm... they were told not to go near the pool
Isaiah -- he did not want to take the picture-- Why are you sitting me beside this big flower?

The green tree frog

June 8, 2009 - Monday
Today was just a relaxation day. We slept or the kids slept to about 6:45am and I ignored them til 7:15 am. Ha! And got ready to go to breakfast. The buffet was pretty good with eggs, toast, jam, fresh pineapple, fresh pineapple juice and fresh watermelon juice, sausage and cereal. Isaiah downed the food and drank 3 glasses of milk.
Maggie and all the teens and one of the missionary couples all went into Jinja exploring and headed for the Source of the Nile but they had upped the price for entrance and so they refused to enter.
Somehow they then found a guide who took them on the Nile River in a boat to an island where they hiked and got to see some incredible falls. They also went to the famous Bugugali falls and some that you are only allowed to get a certain distance from because they are so dangerous. They also watched a guy ride down the falls in a Gerry can. (A gerry can here is a big plastic jug that they use to carry water in.) So she had an incredible day.
Oh yeah! Our day started out with them killing a six foot black snake on the grounds here! I couldn’t get Maggie’s camera to work before the guy scooped it up to toss it but one of the other girls got a photo. She is going to send it to me and then I will post it.
With Maggie away, I took the kids to the pool to play. You’d have thought it was Christmas or something. They stayed pretty active all day. Andrew thought he was good enough to jump in with out swimmies but he quickly found out he wasn’t. Thanks to Matthew, who scooped him up, he is still alive. I made him sit out for disobeying me with which he wasn’t too happy but the rest of the day, he kept those things on his arms. So watching three kids who were constant whirlwinds in the pool was tiresome but fun. This mommy got sunburned even though I had sunscreen on. I guess tomorrow I will use more than 15spf. The kids find it incredible that I am red. Thankfully I did have enough sunscreen on that I am not blistered.
Duane, you will be jealous to know that I finally had some Chips Masala and they were so good!!!!! I ate some for you. What are Chips Masala?
These incredible homemade French fries that are cooked with onions, julienned carrots and green peppers and seasoned with chilis, masala, and curry and with or without a mild tomato sauce. Is your mouth watering? Mine is just from telling you.
We swam some more after lunch and then finally I got the kids out but they went right back in as soon as Maggie got home. And though I hated to, I put Isaiah down for a nap and fell right asleep with him.
Allenni woke me up around 5pm and I woke Isaiah up because I wanted him to go to sleep around 8-9pm. He was cranky so we decided to go for a walk to the Lake and take pictures of the flowers. Earlier in the day I had given the camera to Allenni and allowed her to take 6 photos of flowers. None of the pics came back as flowers! Only goofy ones of her, Andrew and Isaiah.
We walked to the Lake and watched the fishermen cast their nets. We took some photos again and just relaxed. There are some pretty incredibly colorful bugs and dragonflies here. My camera just can’t get good photos of them. Soon we were told that our food for dinner was ready. We had ordered it almost two hours before but hey, we had planned for it! Everything here is made from scratch and mostly cooked over a fire, so it takes time. We enjoyed our dinner outside under a tikki hut table and as it turned dark we listened to the green tree frogs that were nestled up in the roofs of these. Darkness descended and as I was talking to Shelly, SPLAT! I felt this cold wet plop on my chest! Of course, I was startled but I immediately knew what it was! A little green tree frog had decided to come down from his little perch. He jumped onto my arm and then onto the table and hopped away. Earlier we had heard Katy at the next table shout, “There is a frog on my nose!” Glad mine didn’t land on my nose!
Later after dinner we found out that we could pay for wood and have a bonfire built to sit around. With big stones around the fire as seats, we sat and enjoyed the warmth as it cools down here in the evenings. Later, back at our Toogle as they are called, the kids got their baths, I ordered hot water for tea and we had tea and biscuits (cookies).
So there is our day in a nutshell. Just rest and fun. It helps with the waiting of the passports. I’m sort of hoping that I will get a great 40th birthday present of a phone call tomorrow from John saying they issued them.
Yes, I turn 40 tomorrow. And I’ll do it 8 hours earlier than I normally would have because we are 8 hours ahead of a lot of you.
We have no internet here but I am journaling on my computer to blog when we get back to Kampala, so all of this news will reach you several days after the fact.
We enjoyed another incredible moon over the Lake this evening. Wished you all could see this incredible beauty. It seems I missed a beautiful sunset as I was talking to my hubby on the phone. I had to hear his voice so I bit the bullet and called him for 20 minutes. It wasn’t too bad though. It only cost me .35 a minute. Priceless to hear his voice and see the delight on Isaiah’s face when he heard Daddy talk to him on the phone and he delightfully shouted over and over, Daddy, Daddy! Then let out a squeal of happiness.

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