Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Photos of my Kiddos!

Mama Beatrice, Carol and Isaiah

Allenni and Andrew

Allenni and Andrew
My little man is growing
Sweet Isaiah looks like he is happy to get his bag!

Carol, Isaiah's foster sister, and Isaiah. I sent her a bag too.

My sweet boy
Allenni and Andrew, wondered who Jason was and Jason told them we loved them. He said Allenni took right up with him but Andrew was pretty shy. I guess he is beginning to wonder if we will ever come. Isaiah is fostered by a different family than the other kids and Jason had to ride around and find Allenni and Andrew as they were between school and the home they stay in.

Carol and Isaiah clutching their gifts

Well, I am a little behind on blogging. I have lots of things to share but just have not felt like getting it done. I have lots of photos from when the African Children's choir was here and other activities but just haven't made it around to the blogging. But Before all of that, I have to share thephotos I got the other day of my kids. Jason our friend adopting from Sanyu went and searched them out in Kampala and took the care packages to them and got some photos. As I mentioned before he may also have found an open door to getting passports for them. We still haven't heard from him since he got back but hope to in a few days. In the meantime we received and email from john our Ugandan friend who is helping us and he says that the attorney says Isaiah's passport should be printed on April 14th. If that is the case, he says that I will need to travel so they can see the guardian. Why this hasn't been done before beats me. Can we say frustration? I may just go and park my self at immigration until I get 3 passports. Just sit and pray.


Tami said...

What precious, precious children! Love those little faces! :)

Lisa said...

Isaiah really has grown! He looks so tall now :)

I was just imagining what it will be like when they come home. I can't wait! I just love Alleni's sweet smile...Andrew looks a little shy. Is he really?

waitingarms said...

Praying for passports and that your children will be home soon. I feel so frustrated at the long wait for something that should be so easy and cannot imagine what you and your children are going through during this long, long wait.


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