Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 10 - Old Brick Comes Off the House

FEB. 12, 2009 - Week 10

Our house is progressing and I have been trying to take pictures as the process goes along. It has really been amazing to see. I know you have heard that before, but really I am impressed.

The old porch was ripped up and so was my Rosemary!

I love fresh Rosemary and have failed at growing it from seed several times. When we were in Birmingham getting our fingerprints redone, Duane took me to the Botanical Gardens and bought me a clearanced little Rosemary plant. I kept it by the kitchen sink but we were having some nice weather and told Ben to take it and set it outside on the back porch t it could get some fresh air and sunlight. WELLLLLLL, little too late, I realized he had taken it to the front porch and well, wanna guess what happened? The Great ,Big, Yellow buldozer shoveled it off with the rest of the porch! So bye bye, Rosemary!

The gravel is ready to be leveled and foundation filledShoveling out the gravel, and filling inthe foundation of the garage

Digging up my plants to later save for replanting
Eli ready to help at a moments notice with his tool belt that Yancy made him
The old bricks get torn off
You never know what Hat Eli is going to come out with in the mornings

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