Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I wrote this in pondering about the news we got the other day that Isaiah's passport could be ready this coming Wednesday. I've been struggling as to whether or not to really get my hopes up only to have them dashed again as they have been over and over before. Many of us as adoptive parents, go through this emotional roller coaster during the process of our adoptions and to others it seems crazy to keep hoping again and again after we are diasappointed many times over. But when something or someone is worth it, Hope is what pushes us forward and makes us stronger. It is what causes us to be idealistic. It actually is a facet of God's heart and character that we are eminating. We learn perserverance. We learn to cling to the Rock of our Salvation.
Really, Hope is about Salvation. Being saved from demise and despair.
Keep Hope. Live.

Do I dare to hope again? Do I dare to believe that this time it can happen?

Do I dare risk being disappointed and crushed again ?
I've heard the words before that set my spirits soaring in hope but then I remembered the last time and the time before that
I was knocked out of the sky and I plummeted into a deep dark cave.
Into disappointment, into sadness, into heartache realizing that my dream was crushed.
Sitting in a daze of hopelessness because once again my children would not soon be in my arms.
How can I believe that this time will be any any different? Why should I risk the hurt that I know will engulf my heart?
But then, I know the answer already. It is ingrained deep within my soul.
Of course, I will dare to hope again. I will make the choice to give in to Hope. I will rise out of the crumpled heap that hopelessness has dropped me into as my Hope scoops His Hand under me and tosses me into the bright blue sky and says
"Soar!, Soar!, Dream!, Dream!, It is near! Chase it!, Hold on to it!. Always Hope, Always Believe, Always Trust Me!
I never leave anything incomplete. Hope for that which you do not see."

So, I will dare to hope that this time, promises will be fulfilled.
That my children will be free,
That my family will be united
That we will see dreams come true,
That we will dance to Hope's song and keep the beat.

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Lisa said...

Hey Melissa! I have no idea how I found your blog, but here I am and I'm so happy I did. I have been thinking about you this morning and praying for GOOD NEWS today. I pray that this will be a day of miracles for your family both here and in Uganda.....a day of great joy and triumph over all that is trying to come against your children coming home! Love....Lisa B


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