Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uh oh! More OOPS! on the House

Well, we have had more oops! on remodeling the house. So I am here to document all of this so we will have a memory of this adventure. We have been having an excessive amount of rain that we have been beginning to think that we were transported to Seattle or something. Our yard has been standing in water and therefore we have been watching the tractor/ bulldozer slide all around. Because of the mud and the deep tire treads of the bulldozer our underground fence for the dogs to keep them safe and out of the road was broken. Duane and I could not find the break in the line and decided that even if we did that the possibility of the dozers breaking it again was very high. So we decided to go get more wire and fence in the back yard because we have somewhat of a fence to run it along. With Eli and Ben's help we accomplished most of it in an afternoon. NOW, the dogs have been trained so well to NOT go out the back door that they plant their feet and dare us to push them out. Between having to pick up a 65 pound lab several times and lay out the wire and lift rocks, my back was pretty sore. That is my extent of exercising! But I guess it is better than that hill in Uganda that I had to climb several times a day!
After finally getting them out the door, they just sit on the steps like they are scared to death! Sassy finally ventured off the steps and discovered that all was ok. in fact, she discovered she could cross the line and run around the neighborhood! Then Midnight discovered the same thing! Ugh! I had checked their collars to make sure the signal worked, then this morning, I discovered that one of the construction workers had UNPLUGGED the unit to plug up his tool! I fixed the problem and Midnight still got out! I then turned up the power and that sent Sassy to dancing and yelping that I got to laughing so hard! The poor dog was coming up off the ground on all fours! If you have never seen a Scottie do a jig, you need to get an underground fence. The problem then was that not only did the signal make Sassy jump to heaven but it reached up on the steps and the dogs didn't want to go on the steps. So I turned down the power and now have to figure out how to keep midnight from going out past the lower shock.
The other problem we had was a leak in the roof! Ben came up stairs from the basement saying that he had water pouring out of the ceiling onto his bed! In the basement? That only meant there must be a leak upstairs! Sure enough, we checked Graham's room and his floor was soaked and water was pouring in from the window. Duane went outside and the wind had blown the tarp to where the water wasn't running off the house but down the side and into the window frame! We tucked towels and around the wet spots and placed buckets as it rained all night! Sometimes in torrents. The next morning they fixed the problem and as the rained continued, no more water came in. Ben thought it was pretty funny because one of the guys had told him jokingly earlier in the day in response to something Ben had done or said, "I hope Rain comes and pours all over your bed tonight!" Well, it did! Thanks, Mr. T!
Hope I haven't bored those of you reading. Life happens and it happens to us!

Graham's room where the leak was happening!

The boy's room where the leak was ending!

Looks like we might get new grass later on!

The dozer got stuck!

The puppies all too scared to get off the back steps! Now they think my back porch is their private potty.

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