Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fingerprint Time Again!

On December 30th, Duane and I had to travel to Birmingham which is two hours away to get our fingerprints redone for our paperwork for the kids in Uganda!
Can you believe it has been 15 months since we had this done last? Can you believe We have been waiting 15 months for those kids to come home?
The I600 approval last for 18 months from time of approval but the fingerprints only last for 15 months from the time you got them taken. Totally weird if you ask me.
I don't see why they can't collaborate the two dates and make them both expire at the same time.
But that would make sense wouldn't it? It would cause us adoptive parents boredom. We wouldn't have the chance to panic and get adrenaline rushes to try to get these fingerprints done before the agency MIGHT call us to come and get the kids ! I think it is all done to give us something to do and look forward to while our WAIT happens.

Well, Duane and I headed to Birmingham WITHOUT kids as the paper said, no cell phones, no cameras, food or Kids (well, we interpreted it that way when it said, no one allowed who is not being fingerprinted) and He surprised me by taking me to lunch and to the botanical gardens INSTEAD of rushing down there and back. So we had a nice day together. We actually got to the USCIS office about an hour early and they took us in anyway. As they now have electronic fingerprinting, no ink is involved so my classic photo of ink stained hands will no longer be proof that I got fingerprinted now for the 9th or 10th time. I guess you'll have to take y word for it

The papers you must have or you cannot get fingerprinted!

My Love, Duane at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham

The Camera Phone Picture of ourselves

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Melissa said...

Oh, Jesus, I pray you would bring these children home to their family, I pray that you bring these children home soon. Make a way Lord, you can do all things, nothing is to difficult for you. Father Please, bring them home. Until that day Lord, I pray your peace and strength upon Melissa and her husband. Father, sustain them with your mighty right hand.


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