Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dog is Choking!!!

The following story is true! You never know what is going to happen around here. The pictures are reinactments that I MADE them do because In the crisis there was no camera available and I wanted to blog this story. So they are all laughing and fooling around during the "photo shoot". One day we will look back at all this and laugh, cry or smile at the memories and they will be glad that I blogged.
Graham's two buddies, Seth and Blake came running in the other night all in a panic saying that Pepper their dog was choking! She had swallowed an eye of a teddy bear!
Sure enough the little dog which is a Chihuahua, was acting like she couldn't breath and seemed to be gasping for air. She was pretty calm but then we figured she was about to die and therefore had no energy. Seth rushed him back to Duane because of course a Pediatrician would know what to do. Duane proceeded to do the Heimlich maneuver to no avail. He tried to look into her airway but that was hard to do. The poor puppy got squeezed more times than I am sure she preferred. Then Duane said, Well, I don't think she is choking, she is breathing through her nose. She might have the eye lodged in her esophagus and you are going to have to take her to the Vet for that. Pepper still kept stretching her head out like she was trying to dislodge something. We were at a loss at what to do. I then took her and put my finger in her mouth while Duane is informing me that I am going to push something further back and she will then for sure be choking. I put my finger in her mouth anyway and felt in the back of her throat, then made a sweep in her mouth and guess what I found? She had the eye stuck on her back took and therefore couldn't close her mouth and she was trying to dislodge it from her tooth! I firmly tugged at it and voila! off it came. She looked totally relieved and everybody else grossed out because it was pretty slimy. I guess you sort of had to be there to feel the excitement and adrenaline going on. We are happy that Pepper our neighbor dog is okay and alive. Not saved by the Pediatrician but by the Pediatrician's wife! (You know I'm kidding you honey!)

The Three Musketeers that live in the neighborhood. Blake, Seth and Graham
Of course the pediatrician trying to do the heimlech maneuver on the poor dog
Great re inactment guys! yeah right!
Poor little puppy! It took a mom to solve her problem!
This is the plastic eye I pulled out of her mouth!

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