Monday, October 27, 2008


I just finished a new painting: Right now I am calling it " AFRICAN MANGOES." You can see a larger photo of it at
Mangoes are a very common and staple fruit in Africa, so this painting is representative of Africa. I also wanted to bring about awareness of the orphan situation and awareness of HIV/AIDS, so I have done that by adding an element of texture to the leaves. There are approximately 48 million orphans in Africa alone. 12 million of those orphaned are orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Every circle on the leaves represents an African orphan and every red circle further represents an orphan left alone by HIV/AIDS. There are approximately 2000 circles on this painting. That is less than 1/2 of the children that became orphans in Africa today. My hope is that every time an individual looks at this painting that they don't just see mangoes but that they see orphans affected by HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and poverty. My hope is that they will not only see the need but will be motivated to do something about it to change it for the better. To change the life of a child.


Gaunt Family said...


I love love love this painting! I want to have it hanging on my wall. If you paint another like it after I finish paying for my adoptions, I will scoop it up like nobody's business! I am a fan of your work. I just love that is has meaning.

Janet said...

It is beautiful, as they all are......

Lora said...

It's beautiful, Melissa!

Tereasa said...

Your painting is beautiful, but your family is more so! I will have to come back to read your adoption journal. I am very curious! When was your first adoption? How far apart were the following adoptions? I love seeing how God grows other families!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping my and answering my questions. I hope to see more of you!



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