Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nashville Bound

From Gatlinburg, we headed to Nashville for 2 1/2 days for a Soccer Tournament. Graham was scheduled to play on Saturday and Sunday. When we got there we found out that his team, had been put in a Gold bracket instead of the Silver Bracket where they belonged. This meant that they were playing more experienced players. Our coach had tried to get it changed but couldn't. Several of the teams were pretty rough but our guys kept their heads and attitudes up despite several injuries. We were proud of them even though they got their cans kicked!
As a proud mama, I have to tell you that my Graham scored the only goal of the weekend.

On our way to Nashville, we got stuck in a jam due to this tractor trailer wreck.
The wreck was not on our side but it looked like a car from our lanes had traveled over the median to the other lanes and had knocked out the wheels of this 18 wheeler.
We didn't get a photo of the other car but it was pretty much flattened. There was no way, anyone survived in the car. Though I knew no one involved in the accident, when I saw the car, my heart was deeply grieved. Someone had died. Someone had lost a family member. Quietly, I prayed for the family who had lost someone they loved.

Graham had an 8am game in Franklin, TN and our hotel was about 25 miles from it so we had to leave at 6am because he had to be there at 7am. Duane and I took a snooze between games.

The team, Shoals Strikers, getting ready to play their game

Eli being silly

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