Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing... The Van!!!

You remember the story of getting our new 15 passenger van, right?
Well, no one has been more excited than Ben. He came to me the other day and asked me if he could wash our van. "You know mom, since we have had that van, it has gotten very dirty and has not been washed yet. Can I wash it?" "Absolutely!", I replied, using my new found technique on how to answer my kids in a positive way. Off he went to "prepare" to wash the van. As a side note here, Ben has discovered that I blog and has become an avid fan. (So much so, that he now tells me when I should blog about something!) So with that in mind you will better understand the next part of my story.
A little while later when I am deeply involved and engrossed in something, Ben comes in and says " Mom, you have to come and take a picture of me washing the van, YOU HAVE TO BLOG THIS!
This is the first time this van has had a bath since we have had it." I reluctantly told him that I did not want to and I was busy and made an excuse that I didn't even know where the camera was.
He disappeared and I THOUGHT that had taken care of him. Well, it had not. BECAUSE ... a few moments later he showed up with the camera and a smile. I grumbled under my breath and only because the child was so persistent did I move from what I was doing to go take his picture.
BUT when I walked through the door to outside, I burst out laughing.
There was our van, with Ben atop a 12 foot ladder with an electric washer thingy that he had dug out of the mud room and happily washing the top of our van with a very big smile on his face, proclaiming, "Boy, the top of this van was dirty!"
Only from Ben.
Ben, I know you are reading this. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW????????? love, Mama

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Lora said...

The next time Ben gets the urge to wash and clean a car, just send him to my house!:)


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