Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Does the Tooth Fairy Get my Tooth?

Eli preparing the tooth and note before bed

Too excited to go to sleep

I don't think he is really asleep!

The tooth pays off!

He's growing up!

Well, another week has passed and I can't believe it! Once again it was filled with dentist appointments, decluttering the last 4 rooms and getting ready for the originally planned yard sale this past weekend.
I had to take Eli and Maggie back to the dentist to finish getting their fillings. Eli has had a loose tooth for about 2 weeks and we had not been able to pull it out. The new tooth was already coming in behind it and Dr. Madasu thought we really needed to get it pulled. since his mouth was already numb, she tried but Eli didn't like it too much. She then gave me a gauze and while he was preoccupied with Dora on the TV, I reached in and twisted it like Dr. M told me too. Yeah!!! Out came the tooth and a shocked look on Eli's face!
Dr. M then got Eli a green treasure box and put his tooth in it and he was happy.
He was really excited about learning that the Tooth Fairy came and gave you money. It seemed like a zillion questions came out as he tried to figure it out. We finally convinced him to trust us. "You go to sleep, and the Tooth Fairy will come. We promise."
Eli dictated a note to the tooth Fairy. It read: "Dear Tooth Fairy, Please take my tooth but leave the green treasure box. Please leave me lots of money. Thanks, Eli"
I have never seen a more excited little boy! The thought of money to spend, just thrilled his heart!
The next morning, as Duane left for work, I heard the following conversation,
Eli: "Hey Daddy! The tooth Fairy came! Look, I have lots of money! Can you read the note she left for me?"
Duane: "Wow! That is a lot of money. " Let's see, It says, "Eli, Have fun spending your money."
"Eli,Did you pee in your bed?"
Eli: "No I didn't !!! "
D: "Well, ok! Good job. I have to go to work now. See you later."
Eli:"Bye Daddy!"
A little later when I got out of bed, (Duane leaves too early for me to get up) Eli came running to me, excitedly explaining about his money and he asked me to read the note again.
I did and he got a wrinkled inquisitive look on his face. "That is not all she said."
"Yes it is", I replied.
Nuhunh! Daddy said it says, "Eli, hope you have fun spending your money. Did you pee in the bed?"
I burst out laughing and told him that that was not what it said but that Daddy was asking him the question about his bed.!
"Oh," he said. I thought the tooth fairy wanted to know that!
He looks so cute sporting his first gap. Wow! they grow up too soon!

P.S. How come when we get old and start losing our teeth, does the tooth fairy not bring us money?

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