Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hike to Laurel Falls

I really don't care for hking but I do it to to make others happy and because I want to see the Falls. The kids were proud of me. Ha! and you would have thought I was accomplishing some great and mighty wonder! Really because of my ANK. SPOND.(Which I have had for 15 years), it really does hurt to walk that much. I was sort of proud of myself. Even though I ended up in bed for the next day and half and hobbled around for several days, it was well worth it to see my kids have fun and to enjoy the waterfalls.
Ben got hold of the camera and this sign intrigued him. ( Hey! INTRIGUE is a spelling word this week!)
The kids at the entrance of the Park
The whole family at the entrance of the park. Duane parked the van down in front of the sign. Propped the camera up on the cooler, pushed the button and ran! We all were laughing, telling him to hurry but then all of a sudden had to stop and smile.
We saw a WILD turkey!

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Lora said...

Fun pics! My mom always made us take our pic at signs: state signs, park signs, you name it! Now I do the same with my kids:) You always can prove you've been somewhere, right?


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