Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clean teeth we have!

The headlines in the local paper shocked everyone today!

Well, I am just kidding about the headlines in our local paper but we were at the dentist from 8am-11am for appointments for all six of the kids this past Thursday. (YES, I finally called the dentist and got them scheduled. Give me a break. I had planned doing it in January and so I am only 10 months late. You know I was in Africa the first 4 months of the year and so I do have a really good excuse.) And I did get to talk to a lady who has been wanting to adopt. So it all was successful.
The night before the dentist was terrible. In front of me loomed a pile of paperwork for new patients of the dentist! The lady from the office had been nice enough to direct me to their website to print off all the forms before we came so I wouldn't have to do there.
with 6 kids, that meant a lot of paperwork. About 35 pages worth! ugh.
I was sitting there staring at this and wishing I didn't have to do it, when I had a great idea!
I filled out all the repetitive info that all 6 needed on their forms on one form and then went and photocopied it. Genius!!!
Then all I had left to do was fill in names and bdays, circle yes or no on medical histories and sign them. I only made one copy of the privacy formed and signed it. Do they really need to know that I read the privacy notice 6 times? Voila! It was done. Oh, and on my address, I saved some handwriting by putting a mailing label on there! There you have it, I may be lazy but I'm creative and see it as effiency! LOL
Back to the dentist. Only three of the kids had cavities. I thought that was good as they had not been in 2 years. (I know, I know, I am a bad mom). Eli did great for it being his first time. The hygienist with him was awesome and he was full of questions about all the equipment and loved the little vacuum.
Seora was brave though she did not like the dentist at all.
Ben surprised me by having no cavities and no plaque buildup. (It must have been that electric toothbrush he bought a couple of months ago or maybe he scrubbed all the plaque off to impress a girl.) Ben, Is it a girl??? I know you are reading this. You better tell your Mama!
Anyway, After 3 hours in there, we were glad to leave. They all did so good, I thought about taking them to get ice cream but then the little tooth fairy whispered in my ear, "You bad mother! They just got their teeth cleaned, you can't give them ice cream! It is full of sugar!"
I quickly repented and was glad I didn't shout out, "Who wants Ice Cream!?"
So we took a vote. Pizza, Mexican or BBQ??? We went Mexican and I felt like a good mother as I watched my kids with their bright white smiles eat their nachos.


Janet said...

LOL! Our dentist blocks off a whole morning for us too....:-)

Teeth Whitening said...


good advice and tips about teeth clearing. goo, keep up it.


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