Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation Time

Well, we decided to go to the beach to just reconnect as a family the first week of July. Typically we don't go to the beach til September because of the heat and crowds but we were just dying to go. We are members of a vacation club but because of my delay in Africa, I had missed the booking deadline to be able to get a place until Christmas. So we had to find a place online.
Wonderfully I found a condo with a 12,000 sq.ft. pool and with a last minute discount!
We had to pack two SUV's to get all of us and our stuff there. We drove to our friend's in B'ham and spent the night and had a wonderful time with them.
We made it to the Beach that evening and got settled in.
Our week was wonderful. We did nothing but relax. The pool was awesome but the beach was work to get to. After walking a little , we had to cross the street and then walk some more and then go down 3 flights of stairs! YOU KNOW HOW I DO NOT LIKE STAIRS!!!! So,, of course, I didn't feel like going too much. There was a tram but it never seemed to be available when i went. The kids would always catch it.
It was nice to have the older kids when I didn't feel like taking Eli to the Beach. Eli LOVED the Beach. I was able to fool around on my computer and revamp some things and the kids loved the freedom of going to the pool and beach when they wanted. We had free movie rentals and lots of junk food. That makes a great vacation!
Seora and Maggie and I went shopping one day. We headed to the Silver Sands Outlet but never made it as we found two thrift stores on the way and really stocked up on some clothes, books and puzzles. Can you believe we were in a Goodwill Store for 4 hours???!!!
The pictures below are of the kids and Duane and I were quite proud of how they turned out. Notice Graham and Eli who turned model in these shots. LOL

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