Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mama Comes Home From Uganda

New pictures of the kids are down a few posts, so just scroll down a bit.

Duane took this video the night we surprised the kids when I came home from Africa in April. He had downloaded onto his computer and I hadn't seen it until today!
The kids had no idea that I was coming home and the surprise went as well as we had planned.
Duane had dropped me off in the driveway and then drove on into the garage and then let me in the front door with our black lab who was barking at me with excitement. Duane had previously called the house and told the kids that he was calling a family meeting. They didn't suspect anything because we call family meetings all the time.
He then told them he thought they needed to pray together and asked them , "If there was one thing you would ask of God for our family now, what would it be?" Of course various answers were given and then Ben said, "That God would bring Mama home."
Duane told them to close their eyes and I tiptoed in and got a s close to them as I could. He told them to open their eyes and well, you'll see what happens in the video. This was a memory to keep as one of the best moments in my life.

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