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Queens For 8 hours

Queens for 8 hours

Feb. 12,2008
Queens for 8 hours
Favor #3

Jana and I were totally tired by this time and got in line to board the plane. I was surprised at the number of Americans and Europeans on the flight. There were hardly any Africans at all.
We get up to the door and ask which way we should go and the steward who's been ushering people along, stops me, stands up straight like he's at attention and says "So, Why are you going to Entebbe? Are you on holiday? " I explained to him that I was going to adopt two children and then he started asking other questions which lead to Jana and I telling him about ALL my other kids. (As Duane would say, he asked the wrong question. LOL) I did try to keep it short and sweet. The other stewardess told him, there are people backing up and he waved his hand and said, it doesn't matter! Then continued asking us questions! After a moment, he wished us well in the venture and pointed us to our seats! What was interesting about this is that we are the only ones he stopped and talked to!
This plane was a little smaller but not full so we were in hopes that we could move and snag a seat to spread out in. The stewardess said we could change seats after the plane took off because the weight was distributed evenly.
Sooooo........ Jana and I threw our socks and pillow in another seat to "save it". LOL (Well, there were a lot of men looking around to occupy whole rows!) We were quite squished and our arm thingy in the middle was messed up. The doors close, the captain announces for airline attendants to prepare for take off and you can see everybody eyeing other seats. We all are going to be in a mad dash to play musical plane chairs!
At about that time, the same steward that had talked to us, came back and with a stern face said, " Ladies, there is a problem with your seating and you need to come with me. Please get your bags." Jana and I look at each other wondering what is up. We grab our backpacks (and socks and pillow) and follow after him.
Now we are in the back of the plane and we keep going and going and going and Jana and I are getting more and more overwhelmed as we realize what is happening here. We are being moved to first class!!!!!!!!
We arrived in 1st class and he said, "We all think that what you are doing is wonderful so we decided that you two deserved to sit in 1st class on this trip. There is no food, but plenty of wine!" (1st class passengers have to preorder their food, so we didn't get what they did but we got plenty, believe you me!)
Neither one of us has ever flown 1st class and we were crying one minute and giggling the next! We both started praying in thanks to God for this unexpected surprise.
We sat down in the chairs and started exploring! First, they are EXTRA wide. You can choose to lay flat, recline, put your feet out, roll out the lumbar, rest your neck on a cylinder pillow and choose a massage!!!!!! While we are still fooling around, a steward brings us Bose earphones and a toiletry gift pack. Can it get better? Why it sure can. We each are brought a little china bowl full of mixed nuts and a glass glass of water to munch on while we are taking off. The next thing to explore is the TVscreen!
We have the choice on an 15 " screen to watch 160 movies, play video games or watch other programs, listen to music and etc...
The bathroom had special cleansers, lotions and perfumes to freshen up with! We had hot towels before every meal and once they brought around Belgian chocolates. Can it get any better? Well, it did! Right before landing, they brought around little delf china replicas of the dutch houses along the canal as souviners.
As we were leaving the plane, the people in front of us left their houses. We tried to give them to them but they didn't want them, so gave them to us. (another favor #4. We thanked God for the souvenirs from Amsterdam, as we had to rush to make our flight.)
So for 8 hours the staff of that KLM flight treated us like we were Queens and we stand in Awe of our God, how He shows His love by giving little favors to us.

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